US Summer Projects

So, you’re totally ecstatic to go on project but can’t decide if stateside or international suits you best–no worries! We’ll break down both project types so you can decide which one you can contribute to and benefit from most.

What is a U.S summer project anyway?

Stateside projects are celebrated for challenging students to pursue a deep, life-long personal walk with God. As a student on a stateside project, you’ll be encouraged to make your personal time with the Lord a top priority. An eager team of Cru staff members and volunteers will help you in this, offering accountability and support as you learn about God’s character and His Word. You will also be exploring Scripture through weekly project gatherings and small group Bible Studies. The Bible Studies are thorough, faith-building and applicable to your everyday life. We know you’ll leave project amazed at how much God has taught you in a few short weeks!

What other things you can expect? Well, obviously you’ll need somewhere to live, sleep, and eat. Your summer project staff team will take care of all of that before you arrive. Depending on your project location, you could wake up to the sound of crashing waves, the sun atop frost-laden mountains, or maybe even a glowing city skyline all summer long. You’ll live with anywhere from 30-150 other students in apartments, hotel rooms, dorms or a huge house. It’s all the fun of freshman year dorm-life without having to go to class! Not to mention the fact that your roommates and fellow summer project students will quickly become some of your closest friends. The community aspect of summer project is truly unmatched.

When you’re not spending time with God or building relationships with other project-goers, you’ll be reaching out to your ministry focus. A “ministry focus” is the specific community your project will be ministering to over the summer. In other words, it’s the people with whom you share the love of Christ in both words and deeds. On many stateside summer mission projects, your ministry focus includes serving coworkers and the local community at a job. Yes, you heard right–you can get a JOB on certain U.S. summer mission projects! More details on that can be found on each project’s information page (check out “Explore Projects” for those links). For other projects, the ministry focus could be people who live in the surrounding community, classmates, students attending a nearby university or tourists visiting your project’s town. Whatever your ministry focus, you will be trained to love those people well, serve them and share your faith with them. Imagine sharing the love of Christ with sunbathers on the beach, fellow hotel housekeepers, national park guests…who knows who you’ll meet!

Finally, summer projects are designed to develop you as a leader. You’ll get to be hands-on with every aspect of project ministry and, if you’re on a project where staff depart halfway through, all of project leadership will be taken over by students. Anticipate how all of these experiences will help you lead for Christ back on your campus. You’ll leave summer project with a solid Biblical foundation, practical ministry skills, and experience in sharing your faith with others.

If stateside is your style, you’ll have an adventurous summer getting closer to God and bringing others along with you.

(Not to mention having a ton of fun. Expect that too!)

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