Mia struggled with school requirements.

I knew at the beginning of the school year that God wanted me to go on a summer project. He had placed a desire on my heart to take my summer and serve him, and the Sacred River summer project was the perfect way to do that. 

After I applied, I found out that I needed to take two classes during the summer in order to graduate. I assumed that classes would be over before project began, but during spring break I discovered that project would begin before my classes would end. 

I felt so lost. I didn’t know if this meant I should forget school, forget project or do something else entirely. I had no direction.

I met with my advisor to talk about my dilemma and she informed me that I could substitute one of the courses with a three week alternative.
I started crying in her office. At that moment I knew that God wanted me on this project and that He had already set in motion the good that He wanted me to do.

This instance acted as my anchor while preparing for project. I was able to look back at how God provided this class and trust him through support raising and finding a way to end my second class early.

God really taught me to trust in his plan and understand that his faithfulness is unending and unchanging.