Chris struggled with raising support.

I stood in front of the mailbox; shaking. I didn’t want to let go of my $400 deposit. When I finally let go I knew this was it. I needed to rely 100 percent on God. 

I had a hard time making the decision to go on project, it was an ongoing battle. I had a good foundation at home, a girlfriend, an amazing job and I led a bible study.  

I was really torn and prayed about it for months, and discovered that God wanted me to expand my horizons and trust him. In the end, support raising became my biggest obstacle. 

I’m a very frugal person and in my mindset asking all of my close friends, relatives, and people in my church for money was a handout. 

I remember writing lists of other options to support raising. But God kept pointing me back to raising support and I continually crossed out my ill-conceived alternatives. 

I met up with a buddy who had raised support before and he explained that in sending letters and making phone calls I was giving people a unique opportunity to participate in God’s work. 

That’s basically how God worked in my heart. That one conversation with a buddy, letting God speak through him to me. It wasn’t a handout it was a partnership. 

It was the first time I prayed to God and surrendered the situation to him. No matter how hard it got, I was going to try to rely on him. 

After that, things began to happen, puzzle pieces began to click, and God started to work. 

Before I arrived in Chicago for project, God provided $2,300 of my support, and then when I got to project I decided to write a check for the remaining $1500. 

I had the money and it was me putting complete trust in God. I never thought that money was an idol for me but it was. Once I let go God was able to work and I continued to see support come in during project. 

Chris attended Chicago Summer Project in 2013.