Sondra needed her father's approval.

When my father walked out of the room, I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to ask his permission to go on a summer project without making waves in our relationship. But God had a completely different plan.

I was ecstatic when I was accepted to summer project. But jubilation soon turned to anxiety when I discovered I would miss my sister’s graduation. I already knew talking to my dad would be hard, but now I really didn’t think he would understand me missing a family milestone to go on project. All I could think was that this could possibly ruin our relationship. 

I spent a lot of time praying before talking to my dad. It was in that time with God, that I began to reflect on the cost of following Jesus. In the book of Matthew Jesus makes it clear that following him requires sacrifice. I knew that for me to put my dad above God wouldn’t end well. Even though talking to my dad would be tough and uncomfortable I had to take a step of faith and trust God. 

Although he initially walked out of the room, when I followed him into the kitchen we had an amazing conversation. I was able to tell him how important my faith is to me and see him begin to open up and ask questions about the Bible and the nature of God. In the end he still didn’t entirely understand, but gave me his blessing anyway. 

I am so grateful for the change in my relationship with my father, God opened up a way for us to love and respect each other better. I now have so much more hope for my family, and trust in the faithfulness of God when we rely on him.