Brandon experienced fear.

In the beginning I had a lot of fear about going on my second project with Cru. But now, God has moved in my heart so incredibly that it’s hard for me to articulate what I was even afraid of. I guess I was afraid that God wouldn’t come through. 

I decided to go on the Crossroads summer project after attending the Every Student Sent conference this year. I was supposed to leave early on the last day of the conference but was delayed because of the snow. I ended up walking around the space and saw a Crossroads flyer on a chair. It spoke to everything that I wanted to do and I knew God was calling me there. 

While preparing for project, I experienced a lot of spiritual warfare. There was a strain on my relationship with my father and I didn’t want to further that strain by telling him that I was raising support again. I also had issues with my mom, and as a result began to struggle with depression. I felt completely drained. Too drained to raise support. 

I asked a handful of people to support me, letting my fear of rejection control me. Making myself believe that I could raise $3,800 on my own. I was so wrong. I wasn’t trusting God at all and arrived on project with about $1,000 of support in hand. 

In the first few weeks I didn’t really think about the remaining support. If I had to leave project, I had to leave. But while I was still, God was moving. He was slowly awakening me from my spiritual slumber and implanted a desire in me to stay in His presence and stay on project.

I began to find the confidence to call everyone. People that I had never talked to, friends who I thought wouldn’t give, and people I hadn’t heard from in years. In that reliance, God began to provide. 

I learned that when we look at God and how big He is and focus on what He has done for us, fear dissolves into nothing. Only the grace of God is left. 

Brandon attended Crossroads Summer Project in 2013.