Ray needed his parents' approval.

At first my parents were apprehensive about me going on a project, but when I was accepted they threatened to stop paying for college.
I really felt that God was calling me to go on a summer project. A lot of my friends at school who had previously gone on a summer project encouraged me to take that same step of faith. They said I would be a different person because of it. During the past year, God had put it on my heart to learn more about him and pursue spiritual growth. Project seemed like the perfect opportunity to pursue that. 

When I told my parents the news I was dumbfounded. I didn’t understand why my parents were dead set against me not going on project. Were they against me raising support? Did they not understand why I wanted to give my summer to God? During this time I continued to have conversations with them about their worries, in the hopes of explaining to them my desires. 

After many conversations with my discipler and my parents I decided to write support letters. The day that I was going to send them out, my parents called me home. 

They told me that they not only wanted to support me going on a project, but that they also wanted to cover the cost.
It was a miraculous heart change. God had moved in their hearts in such an incredible way.

Through this God showed me that if I stop trying to fix things myself that He will work things out according to His perfect plan that is infinitely better than anything I could ever do.