Daniel struggled with other summer requirements

I interviewed for a summer internship with a Fortune 500 company. The Fisher School of Business is extremely competitive, and people that don’t get an internship after their junior year are at risk of a disadvantage. An internship was what I needed, that was the plan. 

Although my plan made a lot of sense, I would soon learn that God’s plan made a lot more sense. During the school year, he began to place the country of Slovenia on my heart. I was intrigued by the history of the country and the fact that so many people there had never experienced Christ there. 

Slovenia popped up again at Winter Conference. At the end of the conference I saw my peers signed commitments saying they would go where God wants them to go, do what God wants them to do and say what God wants them to say. When I signed that commitment as well, I knew that I had signed a commitment to go to Slovenia. 

But still, the internship was an incredible opportunity. I was supposed to hear back from the internship before hearing back from project, and thought I would make my decision about project based on the internship. But instead of picking up the phone and getting the internship, I picked up the phone and was accepted to summer project. 

I asked for more time to consider my options, but it was too late, my heart was already in Slovenia.

I was surrendered to God. 

Later on I found out that I didn’t get the internship, which brought more peace. I shut the door on that plan to find that God’s plan was way better.
I got to spend six weeks in a beautiful country, with 29 people who I now call my family, while sharing God’s word in a broken city. To top it all off, God blessed me with a different internship that started after project ended. 

God taught me that his ways are so much higher than ours, and that he is able to do far more than we could ever imagine.

Daniel attended Slovenia Summer Project in 2013.