The Let's Go Guide

Summer is a critical time during college. It provides a much needed break from school and an opportunity to do all those things you didn't have time for during the year. For you, that might mean earning some much needed money (hello, student loans!), taking additional classes or gaining experience in an internship for your future career.

Wading through all those options can feel daunting, intimidating and overwhelming. To help you walk through the process, we created a guide.

This guide is designed to assist you as you clarify God’s call on your life as you look to live wholly involved in God’s mission this summer.

This book can be used like a personal journal to process your thoughts with God. It’s also a great tool to discuss your reflections and summer plans with a friend or mentor or use in your Bible study.

Let's Go Guide 2014

Get a copy of the guide from a staff member in your city or on your campus.

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